Another move


It’s time to get back to business.

My stint at the Machias Valley News Observer turned out to be just a distraction, a detour on my destination to some place better. I now work as a production editor for Eagle Hill Institute in Steuben. I will be working on their scientific  journals and assisting with conferences, seminars and publicity.

Eagle Hill is dedicated to the international scientific community but also features programs on science and the arts that are open to the public. It’s a suitable destination for me because of my interest in entomology, especially lepidoptera (moths and butterflies). Already I’ve seen some interesting summer lecture proposals coming through so I’m looking forward to the coming season of activities.

I had been writing a weekly column at the MVNO as well as numerous news and feature stories, taking photos and putting the paper all together each week as editor. This, unfortunately, didn’t leave me much left in terms of creativity and ideas for this blog. So I look forward to getting back to this

So, while this post isn’t much, consider it a transitionary post. I’ll be writing about my sister’s death in September, as well as sharing some happy news such as a new cat added to our family. Of course, I will be telling some stories, too, like when I got stuck on the side of the road following a snowstorm and waited two and a half hours for rescue — which finally did come, thanks to some kind neighbors.

See you soon!

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