Why I moved to Maine

It’s April in Maine. Here in the Downeast we have sunny skies and temps in the 50s.

Meanwhile, in my former hometown of Danielsville, PA, temps are 10 to 15 degrees warmer. They’ve had spring flowers for awhile now. And most of my friends think I’ve moved to the arctic.

But Maine is stunningly beautiful in the summer and fall. Spring isn’t bad either, it just comes a little later than it does in Pennsylvania. Maine doesn’t have the constant humidity you deal with in Pennsylvania either. That means even when the temps climb, it doesn’t feel as muggy.

But it’s more than just weather. The people here are friendly and genuine. They don’t resent people moving into the state from away. In Pennsylvania, people resented all the folks moving in from New Jersey for lower housing costs. I just don’t see that here. I feel like a welcomed part of the community.

Maine’s woods are filled with little baby spruce trees but otherwise, they don’t have the underbrush you see in Pennsylvania. That means you can look through the woods and really see what’s in there. As an example, below is a shot I took on the Great Wass Island hiking trail on Saturday. It illustrates the fact that the scenery here is really spectacular.

Of course, it’s difficult to explain in just a few hundred words all that Maine has to offer both residents and visitors. I will talk about some of these other amenities in future posts.

One thought on “Why I moved to Maine

  1. You are absolutely spot on about PA. I moved to a small town in Western PA from Central PA. Some resented me for taking a professional job that could have gone to a local person. Yet my hometown was only about 60 miles from there. I was often treated like I was an immigrant from another country.


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